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Stop Spraying California!

Spraying Biological & Chemicals Agents on U. S. Citizens is Illegal!
The only way to STOP CHEMTRAILS is to wake up others!
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Why are They Spraying Us?
Sunday, June 16th, 2024 Humboldt County 
Stop Spraying California!
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"If we do not get back control of the air that we breathe, the very air that our children breathe, then we are no longer free and more tyranny will follow." - California Chemtrail Resistance

California Chemtrail Information - Humboldt County

Chemtrails in Humboldt County

Report Chemtrail Spraying in Humboldt County


Dear Humboldt County California Resident/Neighbor/Friend,

We need to stop the chemtrail spraying of Humboldt County and the entire state of California ASAP!

Yes, you and your family are being sprayed on a regular basis with a chemtrail bath of barium salts, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, live biological toxins and other sub-micron particles. Please take a few moments and educate yourself about what is happening.

Chemtrails look like jet exhaust contrails that disappear in 30-40 seconds in the sky. They form long white lines/patterns across the sky that stay up for many hours above our heads and fall on unsuspecting citizens as they go about their daily lives. So many people are unaware that they are being contaminated with toxins in the air they are breathing.

There is not one human health risk assessment or environmental impact study that has been submitted for public and civil examinations, comments or debates. This violates civil, environmental and international laws, with respect to treaties.

Chemtrails, Chemical trails or Aerosol spraying, are a very real threat to Humboldt County, and humanity on a global scale and must be stopped.

Re: [Rick's Gardening Tips] UN urged to halt chemtrail programs

Yes, siree! I've been following the news from ETC for quite some time now, but
haven't posted about it.
Another issue "we've" been working on locally, but with results that would
easily rival &/or surpass the Gulf Oil spill, is as follows. Mendocino and
Humboldt county are the only 2, so far, that seem alarmed. Our own
Congressman, Mike Thompson, has aggressivly fought on our behalves.
There's LOTS of news that doesn't make it to the forum, but that doesn't mean
it isn't happening. Letter-writing and phone calls (to politicians) sometimes
CAN make a difference...especially around forthcoming elections.

--- On Thu, 10/21/10, rick_n_la <rick@...> wrote:

From: rick_n_la <rick@...>
Subject: [Rick's Gardening Tips] UN urged to halt chemtrail programs
To: ricksgardeningtips@yahoogroups.com
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 10:54 AM

ACTION ALERT: Pacific NW Residents - Stop the Navy's Coastal Weapons Testing

by Carol Van Strum

Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 08:19:53 AM PDT

Pacific Northwest residents have a last chance to stop the U.S. Navy from expanding deadly weapons and sonar operations off the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts. After widespread and intense opposition to its plans in 2009, the Navy has ignored or dismissed some 1,000 pages of critical comments in issuing its final environmental impact statement for this program. By the end of October, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is scheduled to authorize it.

Only the U.S. Congress can stop this carnage now. And only intense pressure from constitutuents and coastal governments will goad Congress into acting.

Oregon Senators Wyden and Merkley joined California Senator Feinstein and Congressman Waxman in a June 19, 2009 letter to NOAA:

"...In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur, and virtually every coastal state will be affected. Some exercises may occur in the nation's most biologically sensitive marine habitats, including National Marine Sanctuaries and breeding habitats... In all, the Navy anticipates more than 2.3 million takes (significant disruptions in marine mammal foraging, breeding, and other essential behaviors) per year, or 11.7 million takes over the course of a five-year permit..."

To "take" is a legal euphemism for to kill or maim. Without quick congressional action, NOAA will as usual rubber-stamp the Navy's plans to "take" 11.7 million marine mammals – and untold numbers of fish, birds, invertebrates, and other life – in Pacific Northwest waters alone over the next five years. Despite numerous comments about protecting marine reserves and sanctuaries, the Navy has refused to avoid such reserves or to avoid areas frequented by migrating whales or salmon.

The Navy has similarly ignored or dismissed concerns about the deadly debris, including unexploded ordnance, left behind by its war games, and states that it will continue its practice of dumping overboard wastes containing heavy metals and other poisons, including cyanide.

Humboldt and Mendocino counties in California have taken strong action in letters urging the U.S. Congress to delay NOAA's approval and hold congressional investigations into the need for and legality of the Navy's proposed operations. The Humboldt supervisors wrote on October 19:

"Humboldt County would like to state clearly that the only viable mitigation for our coast is complete avoidance. The species we have referred to in these comments are present for long periods or year around. They frequent the areas from 12 to 50 miles offshore and would be vulnerable to your operations. We are especially concerned about the impacts resulting from sophisticated sonar and any explosive devices. Clearly, these important resources should not be subjected to your exercises."

Although Oregon's and Washington's coastlines are even more directly in the Navy's line of fire, not a single coastal Oregon or Washington county has joined Humboldt and Mendocino.

Urgent action is needed. Contact your local government and U.S. legislators to stop this reckless destruction of our already dwindling marine resources.

Contact information:

U.S. Navy Final Environmental Impact Statement NWTRC Website: http://www.nwtrangecomplexeis.com/ Go to NEPA Section

Curry County Board of Commissioners
Gold Beach, Oregon 97444
RhodesG@co.curry.or.us <RhodesG@co.curry.or.us>
WaddleB@co.curry.or.us <WaddleB@co.curry.or.us>WaddleB@co.curry.or.us
nowling@co.curry.or.us <nowling@co.curry.or.us>

Coos County Board of Commissioners
250 North Baxter, Coquille, Oregon 97423
(541) 396-3121 EXT 225
nwhitty@co.coos.or.us <nwhitty@co.coos.or.us>
kstufflebean@co.coos.or.us <kstufflebean@co.coos.or.us>
bmain@co.coos.or.us <bmain@co.coos.or.us>

Douglas County Board of Commissioners
Douglas County Courthouse Room 216
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
(541) 440-4201

Clatsop County Board of Commissioners
800 Exchange St - Suite 410
Astoria, Oregon 97103
(503) 325-1000

Tillamook County board of Commissioners
301 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, Oregon 97141
(503) 842-3403

Lane County Board of Commissioners
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 682-4203

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners
225 West Olive Street - Room 110
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 265-4100

Pacific County Board of Commissioners
Courthouse Annex
South Bend, WA 98586
(360) 267-8337

Clark County Board of Commissioners
1300 Franklin Street - 6th Floor
Vancouver, WA 98666
(360) 397-2232

Wahkiakum Board of Commissioners
Wahkiakum County P. O. Box 586
64 Main Street
Cathlament, WA 98612
360-795-8048 ~ 360-795-0342 fax
Marsha LaFarge <lafargem@co.wahkiakum.wa.us>

Jefferson County Board of Commissioners
P.O. Box 1220
Port Townsend,WA 98368
Phone: 360.385.9100
Fax: 360.385.9382

Cowlitz County Board of Commissioners
207 4th Avenue - 3rd Floor - Room 305
Kelso, WA 98626
(360) 577-3020
cowlitz@co.cowlitz.wa.us <cowlitz@co.cowlitz.wa.us>

Clallam County Commissioners
By Telephone: 360-417-2233
By FAX: 360-417-2493
By Regular Mail:
Clallam County Commissioners
223 East 4th Street, Suite 4
Port Angeles, Washington 98362-3000
commissioners@co.clallam.wa.us <commissioners@co.clallam.wa.us>

U.S. Navy Contacts :

A copy of the Final EIS/OEIS is available at: www.NWTRangeComplexEIS.com
U.S. NAVY NWTRC: Northern California, Oregon, Washington & Idaho

Comments on the Final EIS/OEIS must be postmarked or received by October 24, 2010
Interested parties may submit comments via the project website at
or by U.S. mail to:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest
1101 Tautog Circle, Suite 203
Silverdale, WA 98315-1101

Attn: Mrs. Kimberly Kler – NWTRC EIS

Send NOAA Written Public Comments to:

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Undersecretary
Oceans & Atmosphere U.S. Department of Commerce
NWTRC EIS – Public Comment Deadline October 31, 2010
14th and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room 5128
Washington, DC 20230

Michael Payne, Chief Permits, Conservation and Education
Office of Protected Resources - National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3225

Contact your Elected Representatives at this Toll Free # (866) 220-0044 in Washington, D.C.

Request U.S. Congressional Hearings in order to protect Public Health, Marine Mammals & Fish –

U.S. Congressional Hearings - Ask for 60 day extension of NOAA issuing permit for Navy "TAKE"

Suggestions for elected officials:

• We should be asking our elected officials to put a moratorium on the issuance of any permits for the taking of marine mammals until all stakeholders in the NWTRC have had sufficient time to review all pertinent documents.

• Officials must ensure that we protect the Oregon’s Marine Reserves and all National Marine Sanctuaries, including the Olympic National Marine Sanctuary in Washington, from U.S. Navy Warfare Testing. Working to protected biologically sensitive areas in Northern California.

• Our elected officials, at every level, work to obtain an extension of the NOAA deadline for public comments until all stakeholders and the public have had time to review information that NOAA has obtained since their last public comment period ended early last year.

• Questions raised by the public, many government, state, and local agencies and our elected officials have been answered either inadequately or not at all in the Navy's Final EIS. Thus, there should be a new public comment period prior to any permit being issued by NOAA for the Navy to "take" any marine mammals in the Northwest Training Range Complex.

• U.S. Congressional hearings should be requested in order to protect public health, marine mammals, the tourism, fishing and related industries, along with birds, other marine life, and public health. These hearings should be held before NOAA issues any permit to the Navy for the "taking" of any marine mammals.

A wealth of supporting documents and official comments may be found at:


Call for Immediate Investigation of Chemtrails on the City/County/State Levels

The people of California need to:

  • Demand public investigation of chemtrails spraying in California
  • Demand an immediate cease to all chemtrail spraying until we know the short and long term effects of chemtrails on the general population.
  • Introduce legislation to create “No-Chemtrail Spraying Zones” in California.
  • Give immunity and protection to anyone willing to blow the whistle on chemtrail operations.
  • Boycott products made by any companies who make or produce chemtrail related products.
  • Identify who is responsible for allowing us to be sprayed on the city/county/state/global level. 
  • Demand that each city/county/state be given a 72 hour warning before spraying so people can choose to protect themselves.
  • Demand an explanation for chemtrail spraying on the city/county/state/congress/senate levels and do not accept the denial that spraying is going on.
  • Prosecute anyone who continues to aid these illegal chemtrail operations and hold those companies responsible that produce toxic chemicals, toxic metals, biological toxins, and any other submicron particles that cause chemtrail related diseases that effect the general population.

Investigations and inquiries on the state level and above are being ignored and chemtrail spraying is being denied at the highest levels of our government. The only way to halt chemtrail toxic spraying on us is for the general population to wake up and demand that it stop.

When a free people no longer have a say in the air that they breathe, they are no longer free. Think about it, someone or some group of persons, non-elected, now have the power over the air we that we breathe in on a daily basis. They are now deciding what to put in the air and therefore are affecting our overall health and wellness. This means that we are potentially “one spray” away from a potential disaster that could kill/contaminate everyone in the U. S. and all NATO countries. What will happen if an enemy country gains control over these toxic sprays? If you see a chemtrail above your head you are now at risk. 

California Chemtrail Resistance

Stop Spraying California!
Report Chemtrail Spraying in California

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