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Stop Spraying California!

Spraying Biological & Chemicals Agents on U. S. Citizens is Illegal!
The only way to STOP CHEMTRAILS is to wake up others!
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Why are They Spraying Us?
Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 San Diego County 
Stop Spraying California!
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"If we do not get back control of the air that we breathe, the very air that our children breathe, then we are no longer free and more tyranny will follow." - California Chemtrail Resistance

California Chemtrail Information - San Diego County

Chemtrails in San Diego County

Report Chemtrail Spraying in San Diego County


Dear San Diego County California Resident/Neighbor/Friend,

We need to stop the chemtrail spraying of San Diego County and the entire state of California ASAP!

Yes, you and your family are being sprayed on a regular basis with a chemtrail bath of barium salts, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, live biological toxins and other sub-micron particles. Please take a few moments and educate yourself about what is happening.

Chemtrails look like jet exhaust contrails that disappear in 30-40 seconds in the sky. They form long white lines/patterns across the sky that stay up for many hours above our heads and fall on unsuspecting citizens as they go about their daily lives. So many people are unaware that they are being contaminated with toxins in the air they are breathing.

There is not one human health risk assessment or environmental impact study that has been submitted for public and civil examinations, comments or debates. This violates civil, environmental and international laws, with respect to treaties.

Chemtrails, Chemical trails or Aerosol spraying, are a very real threat to San Diego County, and humanity on a global scale and must be stopped.

Chemtrails Over the Skies at Earthday?

By historymatters | Posted April 20, 2009, 3:49 p.m.

Yesterday I get on my bike and cruise over to a friends house on the way to Earth Day. I get off my bike and look up at the sky and immediately am astounded by the enormity of these white lines being drawn in the sky by jets. My friend comes out and I point up and say one word "chemtrails". She says "I know they have been doing it all morning".


Being that this friend is the person who educated me about chemtrails a few years ago saying they were rampant in Portland Oregon where she lived, I knew that she would be aware of the peculiarness of the scene.

Like most people I had never really paid much attention to the skies or the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. I learned that a contrail is essentially just a vapor trail left by a jet that disappears within a few minutes.

A chemtrail, on the other hand, initially looks like a contrail but lasts for hours and rather than disappear it spreads out and creates a white haze. The jets that create chemtrails fly at extremely high altitudes and are virtually impossible to identify (ie as commercial or whatever) making it difficult to track down where it is coming from. Many have speculated that chemtrails are being done to combat global warming and for weather modification.


A number of patents are out there that provide the technology to synthetically manufacture chem-clouds to effectively block the sun. One patent obtained by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) US3813875 uses barium to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere. In 1991, Hughes Aircraft (they are right here in SD) obtained patent US5003186, to seed greenhouse gas layers with tiny particles which include "oxides of metal , e.g., aluminum oxide."

That's right...combating global warming with aluminum oxide. Sounds great right?.....except the part where we are getting doused by aluminum oxide. Do these engineers get that it eventually comes down from the sky?

Many countries like China and Russia readily admit to spraying chemicals in the sky to make it rain. Read this story in USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2006-06-29-china-rain_x.htm

"China has the largest rainmaking (operation) in the world," ahead of Russia and Israel, says professor Wang Guanghe, a 20-year rainmaking veteran at China's Meteorological Sciences Academy.... Weather manipulation is an enthusiastic past-time for Beijing, possibly because so many of the country's Communist leaders are engineers. ...The forecast calls for more rain. China's five-year plan urges an increase in man-made precipitation.

China began cloud-busting in 1958. Now "it is increasing every year," says Wang, who cites the drought plaguing northern China as the main reason to fire rain-inducing shells or soar into the skies in cloud-seeding airplanes."

This is why it is interesting to me that the idea of chemtrails in the US would even fall under the category of "conspiracy". The technology has existed for quite some time and has been used and is being used in other countries. In a communist country open weather modification is easy but here in our pseudo-democracy this sort of proposal would face enormous public outcry from anyone exposed to the chemicals. To me it just seems like par for the course. All the big corporations know if you want to get something done you have to circumvent public knowledge.

Even the Obama administration just announced on April 10th that they are open to the possibility of “geo-engineering” the earth’s climate to counter global warming by “shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays.”

So even if it is not happening now, it sounds like the government is opening the door to this pandora's box of weather modification using some questionable chemicals.

When people concerned about chemtrails had the particulate matter tested in the Lousiana news story they found that it contained large amounts of barium and aluminum and was making people sick. There are several local news stations across the country that have covered the story and have tested the contents. And local news is typically the last media to propagate any kind of conspiracy. Check out this news story in Louisiana.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFpF-c...

And what is a "conspiracy" really? Isn't it just 2 or more people that got together and agreed to help each other do something that benefited themselves at the expense of others. Isn't that exactly what happened with the banks, the big corporations, Madoff, the government? Isn't it the rule and not the exception? So people can throw the "conspiracy" word around if they want, but it just seems very 2002 to me. Aren't we passed that now?

And aren't we passed that whole thing of accepting the line "we (the government) are doing things for your own good (like fighting global warming or making it rain) that you don't need to know about"---Remember Cheney telling us the War would be "fought in the shadows". I mean that whole mindset ended when Dick Cheney was wheeled out of the White House in his wheelchair.

Alot is unclear, but what is clear is that these lines are man-made and they contain "something" and we deserve to know exactly what it is. If its legit then tell us. Explain it to us. Because as of yet, not a single scientist has come forward to explain to us what these trails are. They just say "I don't know. I cant explain it" and then they try and connect it to a contrail but they cannot explain why they do not disappear.

Tell us what this is, who is doing it and why. If it is to combat global warming then we have a right to know. And don't just tell me its a contrail. If it is then give me references. I want footnotes, a bibliography, give me a cute scientist and an episode on the Discovery Channel and break it down for me.

I would like an explanation please.... Thank you

Here's a good Discovery Channel investigation... http://www.dailymot


Smattering of Activists Protest Geoengineering, 'Chemtrails'

by Eli Kintisch on 20 February 2010, 6:37 PM |

Protest holding 'Chemtrails' sign

SAN DIEGO —I wasn’t the only one underwhelmed by the size of the anti-geoengineering “rally,” as it was billed. The event, slated for this morning to coincide with one of three sessions on geoengineering at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which publishes Science NOW), focused on the chemtrails conspiracy theory: the idea that the government is spraying particles into the sky in a clandestine program to reverse global warming. It was organized by California activists and held across the street from the convention center.

“This is the [blank] turnout?” said Ray Switzer, a local activist in sunglasses. “I’m appalled. This is a disease on our country. This is the wildest thing. I thought there would be people from all over the country here. The apathy is pathetic. They could care less if I’m getting sprayed like a cockroach.”

“ALERT- Geo-Engineering Scientists to Meet in San Diego ACTIVISTS, STAY TUNED at this URL in THIS SECTION”

Protesters with masks

Beforehand, I’d spoken to the organizer, a mulitmedia producer and farmer named Mauro Oliveira. I’d asked him what chemtrails were. “The government or whoever” was adding compounds to certain aircraft exhausts, and evidence of its existence was found in elevated levels of aluminum particles recorded by activists using home test kits, he explained. The protest had attracted about a dozen people, about half of them with video or digital cameras.

A small prayer circle had convened off to the side; someone played a drum, and a long smoking wooden pipe was passed around. Several girls joined the protest and held signs on the periphery.

Handout: 'Are we the experiment?'

Oliviera used a megaphone to call to passersby. Among his allegations was that Ken Caldiera, a geochemist at the Carnegie Institution who has led much of the goeengineering research efforts, was a “weapons-optimization scientist” (more allegations here). “Geoengineering will reduce the effects of the [greenhouse] emissions, but it will do nothing to lower the emissions,” they said. Passersby were given handouts describing “Alarming Local Lab Tests Reveal Accumulated Contamination:

Another handout suggested that citizens check the skies for “persistent jet trails/man-made clouds,” and if any were seen, to “Protect Your Family and Pets” by using “a respirator mask designed to remove toxic chemicals from the air.”

“I worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with Edward Teller and Lowell Wood,” Caldiera said later, citing the father of the H-Bomb and his acolyte. He feared the use of geoengineering as a weapon, not schemed to develop it as one. “They couldn’t get money for this work—I doubt anyone else can.”


Call for Immediate Investigation of Chemtrails on the City/County/State Levels

The people of California need to:

  • Demand public investigation of chemtrails spraying in California
  • Demand an immediate cease to all chemtrail spraying until we know the short and long term effects of chemtrails on the general population.
  • Introduce legislation to create “No-Chemtrail Spraying Zones” in California.
  • Give immunity and protection to anyone willing to blow the whistle on chemtrail operations.
  • Boycott products made by any companies who make or produce chemtrail related products.
  • Identify who is responsible for allowing us to be sprayed on the city/county/state/global level. 
  • Demand that each city/county/state be given a 72 hour warning before spraying so people can choose to protect themselves.
  • Demand an explanation for chemtrail spraying on the city/county/state/congress/senate levels and do not accept the denial that spraying is going on.
  • Prosecute anyone who continues to aid these illegal chemtrail operations and hold those companies responsible that produce toxic chemicals, toxic metals, biological toxins, and any other submicron particles that cause chemtrail related diseases that effect the general population.

Investigations and inquiries on the state level and above are being ignored and chemtrail spraying is being denied at the highest levels of our government. The only way to halt chemtrail toxic spraying on us is for the general population to wake up and demand that it stop.

When a free people no longer have a say in the air that they breathe, they are no longer free. Think about it, someone or some group of persons, non-elected, now have the power over the air we that we breathe in on a daily basis. They are now deciding what to put in the air and therefore are affecting our overall health and wellness. This means that we are potentially “one spray” away from a potential disaster that could kill/contaminate everyone in the U. S. and all NATO countries. What will happen if an enemy country gains control over these toxic sprays? If you see a chemtrail above your head you are now at risk. 

California Chemtrail Resistance

Stop Spraying California!
Report Chemtrail Spraying in California

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Chemtrail Related Videos

Note. These are only sampling of chemtrail sightings in San Diego County. No one know how many of how often san Diego County is Sprayed.


San Diego County Chemtrails

May 11, 2010. San Diego Chemtrails


Chemtrails San Diego County

March 05, 2010

San Diego county chemtrails.


CHEMTRAILS in Ocean Beach - San Diego California

October 4, 2008. If I sound upset in this video, it is because I AM! Chemtrails are all but blacked out from the mainstream media when they should be getting MAJOR ...


Contrails or Chemtrails? San Diego

Feb 07. Chemtrail / aerosol activity. This time North County San Diego.


April 7, 2010 San Diego Kusi news station chemtrails 4-7-10.mp4


San Diego Chemtrail

Jan 22, 2008. I shot this video of a plane spraying a chemtrail from my backyard in San Diego . The noise you hear in the background is a police helicopter.


Chemtrails Sky Garbage - San Diego, CA

Oct 15, 2008. My first ever up-close and personal witnessing of a savage chemtrail assault in our skies right here in our neighborhood by the sea.


chemtrails san diego county 4-3-10.mp4

April 3, 2010.


Chemtrails HAARP Pulsating Frequency Ripples July 2009 San Diego, CA

July 18, 2009.


Chemtrails san diego county 2-18-10

Feb 18, 2010.


Chem Trails Over So.Cal

Sep 28, 2010. This was recorded 09-28-06. Filmed in the Sky over Northern San Diego County .


Chemtrails Over San Diego, California

May 06, 2009. This is a small collection of chemtrail activity above my residence in costal san diego , california. i know these aren't just contrails.


chemtrails san diego

May 13, 2010. Sunset chemtrails shot from Poway, CA, after i got home from work at Sorrento Valley.


chemtrails in San Diego January 2010 January 2010


Morning Chemtrails Over Mount Soledad December 15, 2009 - All day spraying began before dawn. Expanded trails with HAARP waves fill the skies over San Diego .


All Day Chemtrails, S-curves, lines, X's, double cross

December 16, 2009 - The second day in a row with heavy spraying all over San Diego . Locations include Miramar, Tierrasanta, University ...


Geo-engineering San Diego Weather modification

Jan 08, 2010. Trails and fake clouds Jan 8, 2010 Bad science at work!


Geo-engineering !! SAN DIEGO FEB 2010

4:11 Geo-engineering San Diego Crazy Formations

10:59 +
What in the World are They Spraying ? – Official Trailer


200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

April 07, 2010. For copies of lab results showing aluminum, barium, manganese, thorium, nickel, and many other toxic heavy metals at levels 100's of X over the ...

6:47 +

AC Griffith - Purpose of Chemtrails Captures fr...

AC Griffith was associated with the National Security Agency. He carried a top secret, cryptographic clearance. In more recent times he was ...

11:00 +

Chemtrails : on the trail of our assassins

Celia and Bill Abram, retired public school teachers, have been watching chemtrails since late 1998. Former meteorological observer with the Canadian Dept. of Transportation talks about dangers of Chemtrails.

3:43 +

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

11/11/09 Update: "Unsolved Mysteries" or proof USA tested using RAIN to infect AMERICAN people.

8:35 +

Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

Researchers discovered 6 different agendas or motives for these operations, some of which may overlap: environment or climate changes, biological, military purposes, electromagnetic, geophysical or global effects, and exotic propulsion systems.

5:00 +

Killer Chemtrails : The Shocking Truth

Please use the link below to sign the petition to request an immediate, thorough, and honest investigation into what the substances called ...


1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails)

1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying ? Video released October 22, 2010.

8:35 +

Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

Researchers discovered 6 different agendas or motives for these operations, some of which may overlap: environment or climate changes, biological, military purposes, electromagnetic, geophysical or global effects, and exotic propulsion systems.


Weather Modification Program

Weather Modification Program The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: Owning the Weather for Military Use by Michel Chossudovsky Environmental ...



TIMELAPSE CHEMTRAIL ATTACK http://new.petitiononline.com/t401/ ...

11:00 +

Chemtrails : on the trail of our assassins

Celia and Bill Abram, retired public school teachers, have been watching chemtrails since late 1998. Former meteorological observer with the Canadian Dept. of Transportation talks about dangers of Chemtrails.

8:43 Full Documentary- Discovery Channel-Best Evidence for chemtrails


BBC INSIDE OUT investigation.

Unsuspecting population in the East of England was sprayed covertly with Cadmium and other poisonous compounds at least 76 times.

9:55 1-5 Ex-Government Employee talks about chemtrails. Ex - Government Employee reveals shocking details behind aerosol spraying program.


CLIFFORD CARNICOM AND DAVE PETERSON-CHEMTRAILS PART 1 Clifford Carnicom interview on chemtrails.